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    Many thanks to all the athletes who participated this year and

    all our volunteers who make this event possible with their passion and hard work.

    See you on October 6, 2019


    6 October 2019   -  12th Edition of TARTUFO TRAIL RUNNING®, a unique opportunity to run in the Parmesan Appenines, following ancient paths and routes in the midst of history and nature.

    The routes of TTR® are part of the Toscan-Emilian Appenines, that whose declared “M&B Reserve – Man & Biosphere Reserve” by UNESCO on 9 Juine 2015, an important award that promotes and confirms a balanced relationship between “Man and Biosphere” and between our community and the ecosystems of this Region. 

    The race takes us to enchanted places, such as the peaks of Monut Sporno and Montagnana, the gulleys of Salti del Diavolo (the Devil's leap ), places like Via degli Scalpellini and Via Francigena, deep within woods of splendid autumn coulors and semi-wildness of the fields.

    We offer 4 routes, for a day of sport in the heart of the most important parts of the “Food Valley” , home to Fragno Truffles, Parma ham, Parmesan cheese and wine from our hills.

    km. 17     D+    930 m.   Tartufo SkyTrail Découverte

    Km. 28,4  D+ 1.370 m.  Tartufo SkyTrail  Monte Sporno     ( Qualifyng  race 2019  "U.T.M.B."-  2  Points )

    Km. 51,7  D+ 2.530 m.  Tartufo SkyMarathon®                      ( Qualifyng  race 2019  "U.T.M.B."-  3  Points) 

    Km. 77,8  D+ 4.180 m.  Tartufo  Ultra SkyMarathon®          ( Qualifyng  race 2019  "U.T.M.B."- 4  Points )    SNS  -  SKYRUNNER® NATIONAL  SERIES  2019